How to choose a fur coat and its size?

Many buyers try to find the answer to this question on their own. The online store of women's fur clothing urgently asks you not to do this :)
Firstly, we will tell you how to do this so that the fur coat settles down as a native, secondly, do not leave our managers without work, this is their direct and honorable duty
help determine the size of the fur coat.

You only need one thing, to provide correctly removed girths of your body (this is described in detail in our article here:,
after which our employees will compare the received information with tabular values. All clothing of our online natural fur boutique is factory-made and is sewn according to GOST standards.

Why do we insist on consulting our specialists? The answer is simple, as mentioned above, fur clothes are sewn in accordance with all standards, which means that there are allowances for free fitting in the patterns, which means you do not need to add something to your standards, or order a fur coat one size larger. All these necessary reserves have been taken into account, and all you need is to compare the actual actual girth with the data in the table.

The main thing to remember is that a fur coat does not have to oblige you like a dress, and fur parks are all the more sewn in oversize style.
In any case, our experts will help you not only with the choice of model, but also with the size, too.