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Useful accessories for women's fur clothing

We all know how long and reverently every woman chooses a fur coat or fur vest.
It solves the eternal questions of where to buy a fur coat, from what fur, how to choose a model so that it fits well on the figure and many other nuances.
And when it seemed that the worst was over, another question arises: how to properly use a fur coat, and most importantly, how to keep a fur coat in summer and out of season?
Detailed information on this subject is available in the fur directory of the shop, and in this online catalog you will find useful accessories for the care of fur clothing, fur coats, vests and winter parks.

Here you will find lavender flavors that will help get rid of moths, protective covers, water-repellent blends, as well as small accessories for your hubok like a muff, gloves, ears and other things.
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  • photographic  Women's down jacket winter blue in the women's fur clothing store
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    Different colours of jacket - parka

    we have  khaki, black, blue, red and beige parkas