This week we filmed more than fifty new models, which will be the trend of the 2020 - 2021 season. These are mink coats, long and short parkas with natural fur, mega fashionable fur sweaters made of mink and beaver, a 3 in 1 transforming parka.

Норковая шуба

Let's slightly open the curtain and list in more detail what exactly we filmed: these are mink coats and sheepskin coats of various formats, long coats, transformers, with a hood, short coats and fur sweaters, this is a demi-season autolady coat without fasteners in front, which is worn over the head. They are also called fur bombers, the only difference is the lack of elastic.

And of course, we have not left you without new models of winter parkas with fox, arctic fox, raccoon and rabbit fur. Plus, a number of short parkas on a snake with the same types of fur + silver fox were filmed. For many years now, women's parks have held the primacy of stylish winter clothing, which, in addition to a cool look, gives you warmth and comfort.

You can evaluate the shooting process with a video review of the mink coat, which we shot just for you.


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