What you need to know when choosing a fur coat or fur vest?
Of course, you need to understand the quality of the fur, but how to do it in the era of digitalization and global absorption of Internet commerce, when there is no opportunity to see the goods live.
This applies not only to expensive mink coats but also to budget women's fur coats made from natural fur of sheared nutria, all buyers want to first see the products and then pay.
In general, this is solved by cash on delivery from the carrier company, but in any case, you lose time and money for shipping, not to mention the spoiled mood and the desire to buy a fur coat on the Internet.

Therefore, it is very important to understand not only what winter coat you want to order, but also where to buy a fur coat on the Internet. Here, just one of the most important moments is played directly by the image and reputation of the store.
In the online boutique furstore.shop you can always rely not only on the extended consultation of our specialists but also on guaranteed product quality, because our online store works only with reliable manufacturers, and your order is checked before sending by company employees. In no case will we claim absolute infallibility, but we make every effort to minimize product returns, and if such incidents occur, we incur all transportation costs and will certainly apologize to you with a discount or a nice fur gift.

It is always pleasant to buy a fur coat in the online store of women's fur clothing furstore.shop, and most importantly it is reliable, since every product has a guarantee and certificates. And since we really appreciate our customers, we will always help you in the post-warranty period if you have any questions.