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Vests from a rabbit the price from the producer

Fur vests from sheared rabbit, vests from fur of Rex rabbit, women's vests from bobrick

These are the most common questions for our sales managers, most of the buyers make the choice in the direction of such options, and we tried to figure out why.
A classic rabbit fur vest, this is the most affordable option for fur clothes, is inexpensive, warms well, looks definitely higher than its price, and most importantly, the range of color variations is very wide. In addition to the natural variety of shades, here you will find vests made of dyed rabbit fur, which simply dazzle with their originality, not to mention the combination and zoning of the bark.
Women's rex vests, or as they still call it chinchilla rabbit, not only look more respectable, but also have a practical side, rex fur is thicker, and most importantly more resistant to everyday wear, and with proper care will last about five seasons, and when careful storage and more. Buying a rex vest is the best solution for our climate.

Another representative of this series is the bobrick, many people think that it is a beaver fur, but in reality it is a subspecies of the breed - as it is also called a beaver rabbit, for its fur density and color. This is probably the view with the thickest down and even skeleton pile, which looks like sheared rabbit fur, even without a haircut, due to the natural growth direction of the villi. Products from such fur can be equated to the premium segment and no one will ever say that it is an ordinary rabbit- beaver vests look so rich and respectable, which can also be bought in our online store