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Women's fur coats from natural rabbit fur, REX

Women's fur coats from rabbit, REKS or beaver fur

Fur clothing made of natural rabbit is, so to speak, the first step in the evolution of almost every fur fashionista. Rabbit fur is very soft and incredibly pleasant to the touch, it has a natural color variety, but its main advantage is that it lends itself perfectly to dyeing in the brightest colors and makes bold decisions. In our store long fur coats from a rabbit, short fur coats from a rabbit and fur avtolyedi are presented. Clothing made of rabbit fur is considered not the warmest and not the most durable, of course there is some truth to this, BUT, for example, regarding its warmth, rabbit fur coats are often demi-season clothing, or clothing for Euro-winter, that is, for its weather conditions this option is more than suitable. In autumn, spring or in the extreme periods of winter you will feel absolutely comfortable. As for the molting of such raw materials, it is present in all types of fur, just in our case a little more pronounced because of the softness and fragility of the pile. However, with proper care, such a product will last 3-5 seasons and we will explain why. Most of the models are designed and stitched with a small length, and therefore the “most affected in terms of operation” fifth point will not be wiped so quickly. Given the low price, the majority of our customers have several short fur coats made of rabbit, and due to the constant change of wardrobe, they also extend the service life.

But there is such a species in nature that has increased wear resistance, it is Rex rabbit fur or, as it is also called beaver fur, it has excellent reviews on the toe and we will now understand why.
Unlike the usual rabbit, Rex skins are a completely new species that was bred in France at the beginning of the twentieth century. The result exceeded all expectations, as the breeders got a chic fur from REKS with a set of many positive and distinctive properties and qualities. This kind of raw material really surpasses the characteristics of an ordinary rabbit. Fur coats made of Rex rabbit fur are very soft and thick, which keeps your body warm, pleasant to the touch, due to the lack of tiering, it looks absolutely even (as if cut). The mega-dense pile grows vertically and does not get jammed due to this. A Rex fur coat resembles a chinchilla fur coat, which is why it is sometimes called a chinchilla rabbit. Such qualities perfectly retain heat and have excellent wear resistance. In appearance, not many distinguish REKS from a real chinchilla, since it is practically indistinguishable.

There is another subspecies, which, with other things being equal, shows excellent results and can be generally classified as premium furs in terms of quality. Many people mistakenly think that beaver fur is a subspecies of a beaver, but this is actually not so. Beaver is a type of fur artificially bred Rex rabbit breed. This fur is distinguished by its density and pleasant color, as well as its special softness compared to the fur of an ordinary rabbit.

The popularity of a beaver fur coat is caused by the following advantages

  • luxurious shine, pleasing to the eye;
  • high density of the outer pile;
  • increased wear resistance;
  • beaver fur coats are very soft and comfortable;
  • Fur has a high and flexible elasticity.