Get measurements and choose the right fur coat size.

This is the main issue that any buyer of fur clothing faces. If you carefully read ALL the recommendations of the store of women's fur coats -
you won’t have any questions, and choosing a winter or demi-season coat will be no more difficult than choosing paper napkins.
Frankly, you can don’t read everything :) all you need to do is contact any of our specialists and they will pick everything up.
But I think you still will be interested in how to choose a fur coat size? The most important task is to correctly take measurements from ourselves, and it is this moment that we will consider in detail.

In fact, if there is confidence that your measurements were taken correctly, and there’s a dimensional table at hand, then comparing the numbers will not be difficult. Therefore, we always recommend either to remove their girths.
in the studio at the place of residence or work, or use our life hack to measure the circumference for choosing a fur coat.
To make it easier for you to navigate, here are illustrations of how to properly measure winter women's clothing:

size chart of the fur coats

Having thus obtained the girths of your body, you only need to go to our size chart and compare the parameters. LINK TO THE SIZED GRID of the online women's winter clothing boutique

An important point:
many buyers mistakenly believe that a winter coat or fur vest should be taken a size larger, or put a few centimeters to your measurements. In no case do this!
The size grid indicates the size of the body, not the product, this is done for your convenience and ease of understanding, and you only need to compare them.
Since all our fur clothing is for women of factory production, all the necessary allowances for free fitting are already laid in the patterns.