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Fur coats from red fox

Fur Coat from red fox

Probably there is no such historical film in which fox fur was not present on the young ladies of the rich estates, in the form of a cape, clutch or headgear. The natural golden color of red fox fur fascinates at the first glance at it. Modern fur fashion is also actively using this type of raw material and our store is no exception. Visitors to our online bootstore can not only appreciate the fur trends of the current season but also buy a fur coat from fox fur.
Here you will find a long fur coat from a fox, a fur coat across from a fox fur, a short fur coat of an auto ice, various short fur coats, combined fur coats of a medium length fox and of course a transformer coat, the main advantage of which is the ability to turn from a fur coat into a fox vest. Spring and autumn in our region are often quite gray and gloomy, so golden-fur coats made of natural fox fur will brighten up this monotony as well as possible, and most importantly they will always warm you in the autumn wind or dampness of early spring.
The best solution for the demi-season or Euro-winter is not to be found, the fur coat of the red fox is the optimal solution. In the current fur season (when the trend of the fur fashion is aimed at multi-texture and volumetric shapes), the demand for fox fur coats has increased significantly. At the same time, fox fur coats have a relatively low cost when compared with products made from classic mink and sable. But at the same time, the fox looks no less expensive and luxurious. However, in order to look stylish, it is necessary not only to correctly choose the right model, but also to be able to combine it with a personal wardrobe.
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