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Women's fur hats, hats made of natural fur

Women's fur hat

How much in this phrase :)
It is impossible to imagine the image of a woman who has fur clothes, without a high-quality and stylish headdress that will complement this harmony of fur luxury like nothing else. All the hats of our store are made on a knitted basis, on which is sewn fur. Due to this, we get not only additional warmth, but also the opportunity to sew fur combinations in various forms, receiving more and more new models.
Today we have the following color variations: black fur hats from nutria, mink, rabbit or onadtra,silver hats from silver fox fur, white hats from rabbit or arctic fox and golden, natural color of raccoon fur.
In the online boutique you will find a variety of models of women's fur hats in color, shape and type of natural fur. With us you can buy a fur cap, a cuban, a sheaf cap, a cap of a cuban, a bottom cap, a wig cap, a ball cap, a cap with a tambourine, and many other models.
And for wholesale buyers of fur hats, we provide the opportunity for individual selection of fur colors.
Retail buyers can always get the wholesale price when they purchase from 10 units of goods, even if you want to buy a hat made of arctic fox or silver fox, nutria or rabbit fur, in the sense that you do not need to order 10 caps of one model, you can arrange several types of models or their variations.