Exchange and Return of products / goods that are not suitable for subjective factors is carried out within a 14-day period, and are discussed in person regarding options for replacing the product with another, its size / color, or a refund option in a convenient way for the buyer. Exchange and return of goods / products is carried out at the expense of the buyer.

Claims on marriage / re-transfer are accepted only in the presence of the Certificate of inspection from the carrier with the signature of the head of the department and the seal
If, upon receipt of the parcel, you find damage or lack of cargo or damage to the packaging or other defects, please, without fail, leave the carrier's premises (New, Ukrpochta, etc.) require the post office worker to draw up an Act, one copy of which leaves yourself a representative of the carrier, the second you receive and send us (requisites in TTN on which received the goods)
No Remortgage / Deficiency Claims are accepted without the Act! In such a case, exchange and refund is made through

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